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Renforth Samples Surface Mineralization at Lalonde Nickel Polymetallic


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Hello, it has been minute, but this email will bring you up to speed and beyond, if you want to take a few and read my news, thoughts and opinions (that is your requisite cautionary statement) as follows.

Mineralization Sampled! We press released this week (linked below, in English and French) an update on the channeling at Lalonde – bottom line is mineralization in the bag! We did 3 interesting things differently this time…the first is the direction of trenching – you will see above the 3 big trenches we stripped and channel sampled. Unlike the work we did at Victoria West these trenches run north-south, perpendicular to the known strike of the currently 9km mineralized horizon at Lalonde (which is more or less striking west to east). Why is that interesting? Well – you may recall that at Victoria we trenched west to east (between drill holes) within mineralization that runs west to east.  At the time it seemed like the right thing to do -it wasn’t bad, we got mineralization on surface, but it wasn’t the best, we subsequently learned that there is a second horizon of mineralization at Victoria, to the north of where we drilled and trenched, we missed it entirely.  That is now on the to-do list.  
So – at Lalonde (and this is the second interesting thing) you will see that the two horizons within the magnetic anomaly (I am calling those shoulders form now on, because it is simpler) were both intersected in the trenching.  Success. Mineralized material (we know this because our geo can see the mineralized rock types and they confirm it with an XRF) was bagged and tagged in the field, gone for assay. The stuff we missed at Victoria? We have grab sampled it, but we will try to drill through it, back the drill up and catch the north shoulder next time.  So – where we worked at Victoria, drilling and stripping? It was half of the magnetic anomaly/mineralized system, the south half.
The last thing that is different? Really just info for your curiosity – you all recall the torture we have been going through with labs…it became evident that the problem lies with the prep labs in Val d’Or, I am sure everyone is working hard but for whatever reason stuff was getting missed, moved out of line or somehow moving at a snail’s pace. So – we shipped our samples to the prep lab in Ontario, for the same assay laboratory.  We are told turn around will have results to us end of this month, we will see.  

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